Don’t you want to lead a gifted life, where you know God is in control and that you’re using all your gifts and talents to the good of the kingdom and for your own great blessing? There is a way to make that happen. I call this process “Guidance, Gifts and Goals.”


  1. Seek guidance from God. God doesn’t usually send down road signs (although He can!). Finding His will is more often a matter of being in relationship with Him. That happens through prayer, Bible study, meditation, worship. The more we do these things, the more allied we are with the Holy Spirit.
  2. Journal the process. You can often see road maps here, ways God has been working and lessons learned.
  3. Learn to trust His timing.


  1. Learn what your values are, because they are the deepest desires of your heart. God wants to grant those.
  2. Learn what your spiritual gifts are, supernatural skills that God grants us in response to specific needs in the world.
  3. Learn what your natural talents are by telling your life story. Concentrate on developing them even more to God’s glory.


Once you are sensitive to God’s guidance and know your values, spiritual gifts and natural talents, put them into action by setting goals!

  1. First ask God for wisdom. He’ll give it.
  2. Imagine what your life would look like if you were living out of this deep place: living out your best and highest gifts, talents, skills; living out your deepest values.
  3. Give these over to God. Vision your life the way it would be if your were in relationship with Him and are living out of your deepest values and giftedness.
  4. Then set long-term goals (1-20 years and beyond!), mid-term goals (1 month to 1 year) and supporting short-term goals. Pray over them and watch your life change!