We don’t like the word “obey” much, do we?

Plant in dried cracked mud

“I’m independent, gosh darn it. I’m strong, free, and self-directed. You’re not the boss of me.”

When you’re Christian and hear yourself say things like that it’s pretty funny stuff. In fact, as much as we might not like to think that we obey someone, there’s some of that in everyone’s life. Healthy obedience means to obey a law enforcement officer’s legal order, especially as pertains to getting you out of a dangerous situation. We obey our bosses’ ethical requests. We obey street signs. There is all sorts of good and healthy obedience of the world.

And when God directs us then it’s a good and right thing. The best thing.

Obey God. Trust in Him. Confess your sins. Study the Bible. Worship with other Christians. These things are obedience to the God who is behind you and ahead of you and who wants you to shatter any hold that evil has on your life. Obey God? Just Do It.


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