Prayer is the languageIn Acts 16, Paul and Silas traveled to Philippi in Macedonia. Paul expelled the fortune-telling spirit in a slave girl and her owners raised the crowds against them. The two were stripped badly flogged and imprisoned. That night a huge earthquake opened all the prison doors and loosened the chains on the prisoners’ feet. The Roman jailer was about to fall on his sword when Paul yelled that they were all still there. The jailer and his family ended up accepting Christ that night!

The same incredible power that loosed Paul and Silas is available to you today. And look: once released they didn’t escape. They could have if that’s what God wanted, and sometimes He did. But not this time.

This means that you can be loosed from fear and anxiety right in the middle of your circumstances. The circumstances might not change right away. But you can be changes through the power of the Holy Spirit.


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