You can contact Dr. Taylor at or send mail to her at P.O. Box 3499, Wrightwood, CA  92397. Blessings.

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Dr. Christine Taylor is an author, storyteller, singer, and speaker. She lives in the beautiful mountains of Southern California, where she is an active speaker and Bible Study teacher. She wrote a Christian non-fiction book Escape from the Green Mansion about the Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian women who risked their lives to rescue enslaved Chinese women in late 1800s San Francisco.

Longer Bio

Christine Taylor, D. Min. (Dr. Chris) is a writer, actress, and storyteller. She graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA with a B.A. in English Literature. A few years later she graduated from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA with her Masters in Biblical Studies. Over the next 20 years she built her writing business, and then completed her Doctorate of Ministry at Biblical Life Seminary in Marshfield, MO.

Over the years she has been active in different churches including Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Four Square, and Methodist. She does not particularly care about church polity as long as her local church preaches the gospel.
Dr. Chris wrote a Christian non-fiction book called Escape from the Green Mansion about the Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian women who risked their lives to rescue enslaved Chinese women in late 1800s San Francisco.

About the Book

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Escape from the Green Mansion: The True Story of Ordinary Church Women and the Extraordinary Rescue of San Francisco’s Brothel Slaves is Christian non-fiction.

The book describes the Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian women who risked their lives to rescue enslaved Chinese women in late 1800s San Francisco.

This true story tells about dramatic conversions, daring midnight rescues, high drama in the courtroom, and a miraculous escape from the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.

Interview Topics

• The power of prayer
• History of women’s missions
• Christian spirituality
• Spiritual disciplines

Sample Q & A

Q: Why did you decide to write about women’s missions and Chinese slaves? That’s a tough topic to write about.
A: I had volunteered to write a play for a fundraising event at my church. My local chapter of United Methodist Women was sponsoring it, so I decided to write a play about an historical UMW mission. Then I realized I did not have a clue about an historical UMW mission. I started looking on the Web – thank heaven for Google – and found out about a Methodist mission called Gum Moon that operates today in San Francisco’s Chinatown. I read their history. As it turns out, they were originally built in the 1800s as a Methodist Episcopal mission dedicated to rescuing Chinese slaves. I wrote the play from the standpoint of the real women who were there, and later wrote the book.

Q: How does this history apply to Christian women today?
A: Christian missions continue all over the world, and we can certainly find the evidence of the power of God in that work. But even if you aren’t a missionary, you can read about the powerful work of God in the lives of ordinary women. God hasn’t changed – His power is available to us today.

Q: Isn’t the idea of spiritual disciplines old-fashioned?
A: Not unless you think that a healthy relationship with God is old-fashioned. The spiritual disciplines are Bible study, prayer, silence before God, and more. There is no other way to get closer to God than to practice them.

Q: How is Christian spirituality any different than spirituality in general?
A: Because Christian spirituality is all about developing a deeper relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ – not with the universe, or Buddha, or feel-good philosophies that people put on and take off like clothes. Our life is in Christ – our lives’ purpose, talents and gifts, and eternal destination.

Fact Sheet

Cocoa and meName:
Christine Taylor (Dr. Chris)

Place of Birth:
Riverside, CA. She was born in California and grew up in Tennessee and Texas. Today she lives in a mountain village 30 miles from her hometown.

• B.A. English Lit – Westmont College, CA
• M.A. Biblical Studies – Fuller Seminary, CA
• D.Min. – Biblical Life Seminary, MI

Blog and Website:

Past Writing Experience:
• Editor-in-Chief: Computer Technology Review
• Owner, Christine L Taylor Co. — Full-time writer since 2004

Personal Information:
• Family: Father was a minister in Young Life and mother was head of women’s ministries at their church. Christine is the oldest of four girls and has one grown son.
• Pets: Dog, cats, horse
• Hobbies: Reading, medieval history, hiking, singing

Other Experiences:
• Christian speaker and singer
• Playwright
• Bible Study teacher

• Escape from the Green Mansion (non-fiction)
• The Living Story (non-fiction)
• In process: The Crowned Serpent (fiction)

Contact Information

Dr. Christine Taylor
P.O. Box 3499
Wrightwood, CA 92397