In the I-could-have-told-them-that department, a recent study on Canadian churches reported that evangelical churches were growing faster than their liberal counterparts, even in the same denomination.

(BTW, please keep in mind that “evangelical” doesn’t mean a political conservative, although many are — it means a conservative approach to the literal truth of the Bible.)

The Christianity Today article titled “Even in Canada, Conservative Churches Are Growing” discusses the research. It’s good, please read it.

And here is my take: liberal churches are essentially telling their congregants to be nice and go out and help people. But you don’t need to attend church to do that, so why bother going on Sunday mornings?!

The evangelical congregations are hearing to be nice and go out to help other people BECAUSE WE ARE SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF CHRIST AND HE TOLD US TO. This is an entirely different — and absolutely critical — message.


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